About the English Courses

Team2English has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers who are strongly committed to providing the absolute best, whatever English course you choose to study. Our group sessions consist of a maximum 8 students per class which maximises student contact time with the teachers and allows for more effective language acquisition. There are many advantages to learning in small groups; teachers are able to monitor progress and give instant feedback; students are able to concentrate better and feel free to ask more questions and students have more opportunity to communicate.


Students learn at their own pace but progress depends on commitment and how much work is done outside of the classroom. We encourage students to consolidate and expand the work we do in class in the 'real' world through the mediums of tv, film, newspapers, magazines & theatre.  Progress is monitored regularly and students are given a Certificate of Attendance at the end of their course, indicating the level of English achieved.



Students can enrol for English classes any Monday, although there is some flexibility, and can book for a minimum of 1 week and for as little as 1 day per week. For those wishing to take an internationally recognised English exam (see below), we recommend a minimum commitment of 3-6 months, depending on the level of English on joining.


Levels and Times

Students are allocated to classes based on the placement test which is taken on the first morning of the course – levels range from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate (all subject to numbers). There is a maximum number of 8 students per class. Lessons are held Monday to Friday from 930 to 1130 hrs with no break (the equivalent of 12 hours per week) or 930 to 1245 with a mid-morning break (the equivalent of 15 hours per week).  Additionally, one to one sessions can be added to any programme.


General English

Our General English classes are ideal for students wanting to explore the language without deadlines or specific purposes. The four macro skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are practised and students work independently and collaboratively in class. Whether students are looking to begin, improve or perfect their skills, these sessions give them the opportunity to achieve whatever they wish.

Throughout the sessions we try to present a balance of hard work and fun. We introduce new vocabulary, focus on aspects of pronunciation, encourage communication and yes, we teach grammar too! Coursebooks and workbooks are used and students will be advised which ones to buy. In addition to the books, teachers use worksheets, newspapers and realia.

Students receive a report and a certificate of attendance at the end of their course.

Au-Pair and Time-Saver English

English classes are held between 930 and 1130 hrs Monday to Friday and are designed to fit around busy individuals' and au-pairs' work schedules.  Students can choose to attend as many times a week as they wish.  The lessons follow General English themes but there is more focus on functional language - language which is useful, even essential, for people living and working locally.

On-line English and Distance Learning

If students have no time to attend English classes or do not live in the area or even live outside the UK, no problem!   The types of English that are particularly suited to this method are exam preparation courses and writing skills for specific purposes (Business English or English for Academic Purposes).

If this is of interest all you have to do is contact us and we will establish your needs and your level.  We will then agree on a schedule, the material and the format.  Obviously students will need access to a PC/work station and internet connection.